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Name: Emmy Dudley

Preferred Medium: Mixed media painting

Bio: Emmy was born in Richmond, Virginia on October 1, 1970, making her a Libra. She grew up the middle child, a bit of a tomboy, a bit of a rebel, moving every five years or so around the south. Emmy always loved creating art & the escape it offered.

As an art minor at UGA, a color theory class in which she painted lit a small fire within her that would begin to burn brightly soon after college. While working many odd jobs after receiving a degree in Journalism, the passion to paint hit her hard and & if a job came from it, all the better. Emmy quickly attracted a job as an artist assistant, which became her full-time art school in the real world.

After three years she developed a unique painting style of her own and began successfully showing in galleries throughout the south, continuing on to have solo shows in L.A. & New York. She’s been happily creating & exhibiting art now for the past twenty years.

Presently settled in Atlanta, Emmy has an art studio in her house and a wood shop in the carport.
She loves being a home-owner & mother to three hilarious, fuzzy girls who all say “MEOW!”

“The challenge of balance is ongoing in my life as it is in my artwork. While I desire to create paintings that will make people smile & feel good, I also hope my images will move & inspire others on a soul level.” –Emmy Dudley

 Artist Statement:
Creating art is my passion. I simply love to paint & all the challenges it brings me. To have an idea in my mind & see it come into focus through paint is quite thrilling.  While the painting may not always turnout how I envisioned, it’s exciting for me to rather let it take on a life of its own. This is part of the fun- to see where it takes me, allowing each new painting to become a journey of sorts. I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of being in flow and know that this is when the creative process (& life in general) is oh so easy & fun. Joy & ease- yes please.

Making art is simply a series of choices, like life itself… there are always better choices to be made & always more to learn. If I over think things, the artwork simply doesn’t flow & I’ll overwork a piece, grow frustrated with it & many times, never even finish it. If I simply let go and exercise decisiveness-having faith in my decisions- the painting easily flows and surprises me with new lessons, a sense of fulfillment and an image that will bring someone pleasure.

My themes right now are “Balance”, & “Living from the Heart”/“Love”- what’s better than that? While finding my balance has always been a challenge for me being a Libra, I also see how it’s a challenge for most everyone in the world- to find harmony & equilibrium- in every way.

I’m constantly inspired and amazed by nature… from the sub-atomic to the cosmic, it’s the ultimate teacher & healer. Nature is perfect art in itself. A flower, a tree, a stone… that’s art to me. My work pales in comparison. But alas, I continue to strive to do the best I can as an artist, & to create from my heart.

I love creating characters that will draw you in and make you smile & feel good. The flower people are such characters that represent unconditional love & choosing happiness. They challenge me to let go, loosen up, and not take it all so seriously.



 Available for commissions? Yes!

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